You Can Huddle for Warmth Under One of the Bodies

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Story Sent in by Bruce:

Al Milton's Steakhouse is an out-of-this world eatery. There's only one of them but it's about 35 miles away from me. So when Mindy said she wanted to go there on our first date, a couple of red flags popped up. First off, bad weather was predicted for the night of our date, and as I mentioned, the restaurant was a good distance away. I asked her if we could go somewhere closer.

She said, "I don't mind driving. I just really want to go there. I'll pick you up." As I had planned to pay for dinner, I figured this was a fair arrangement.

On the evening of our date it was snowing pretty badly. Mindy came by in a pickup truck. I climbed into the passenger side but she stopped me right after I shut the door.

"Can you ride in back?" she asked.

In back was the truck bed. Exposed to the elements. There was nowhere else to go. I said, "You don't have any back seats."

She replied, "I know. I just don't want to have a strange guy next to me while I'm driving."

I said, "We've spoken online and over the phone for a couple of weeks. You seriously want me to ride up to Al Milton's in the back of your truck?"

She said, "If you want to go anywhere, yep."

It was snowing. It was cold. There were no seat belts (that I could see) in the bed. It was also illegal. For these and many other reasons I said, "If I can't ride up here with you, then I'm not going anywhere."

She said, "Fair enough. Get out of my truck."

I hesitated, thinking that she may have perhaps been kidding. But she wasn't. She yelled, "Get out! Get out!" and so I had no choice but to do as she screamed. I was barely out the door when she threw it into drive and tore away without me.

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