They Make Dissolvable Ones?

Profile Sent in by Gary:

About me:

There are three and only three things I look for in a man:

1. That he treats me respectfully, kindly, and well. Why is it so hard to be nice? It's free and it reaps so many benefits!
2. That he shows up well dressed. I can't tell you how many times I've gone on a date with a guy who shows up in sweats and a ball cap or something similarly dumb. It's a date! Whatever happened to best foot forward??
3. NO DISSOLVABLE CONDOMS. Seems weird to even put this here but my last man swore up and down that the ones he used were safe but they actually dissolved inside me. NO THANK YOU. PLEASE USE THE STANDARD ONES!


  1. this may sound strange, but this is an actual thing. so, frankly, it isn't really a remarkable profile at all. they have invented dissolvable condoms, but actually they are quite safe as they are loaded with contraceptives and antiretrovirals.

  2. Well, is it unremarkable though? She's still mentioning condoms in a dating profile.

  3. good point. but i can't tell you how many men try and slip condoms off, so if you have been burned one too many times, i can see mentioning it.

  4. Wow, ok yeah then that's an especially shady class of guy. I've never heard of men who pull that move, but then again, I should probably be thankful I don't know any douchebags like that.


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