Swept Away

Email Sent in by Emmanuel:

Hi maybe we can talk about your profile. I don't like the thing you say about foods and trees. Maybe you can remove that from your profile. You also go on for waaaay too long about your mom. Are you like in love with her? If you are then you have found your match and don't belong here. If you are not then delete it. And you drive a street sweeping truck for a city? LOLOLOLOL. I'd keep that out of your profile if I were you. Not exactly the best job if you know what I'm saying.

I work with kids and love my job. The end of the year is the best because I don't have to hear them anymore. They get in your head and set up camp and stay there and I am just tired. So tired. Okay bedtime now bye.



  1. I bet the kids can't wait til they don't have to be with/hear Lavonne anymore.


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