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First snow has hit and time to hit the slopes! I am a total ski bum and once I am in my ski clothes I don't take them off for months. I am a master of green circles and blue squares. Love the bunny slope. Some may laugh but it is so popular for a reason. My favorite music is ski music and songs about skiing. Love the lodge but I don't like taking off my skis. Can you ski? This is ski season in the winter. When the day is over I sometimes sleep in ski clothes so I can be up and early to the slopes. Ask me to take off my ski clothes is like asking me to take off my own skin. Too gooey gooey. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!!

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  1. Ummmmm.....Yeah. I'm just picturing this guy making coffee in the morning wearing gloves, goggles, and with ski poles on his wrists. Imagine winter themed "bull in china shop".


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