High Sticking

Story Sent in by Chelle:

I wore a blouse with a low neckline on my date with Greg. We were out at billiards and he ordered us a couple of drinks from a waitress while we were playing at a table.

They were delivered to us with straws still in their wrappers. It was Greg's turn to play and before he went he picked up his straw, said, "Hold this for a sec," and stuck it into my cleavage.

I removed the straw immediately as he turned around to the table. When he was done with his turn he grabbed his drink and for my chest.

I stepped away. He stopped. "Where's my straw?"

I pointed to where I had placed it, on the table. Instead of picking it up he asked me, "Why didn't you leave it where I put it?"

"Because you don't get to put things there."

He laughed. "It's my property. I can put it where I want."

My turn to laugh. "If you put anything of yours into me again, you'll never see it again."

He stopped laughing and mumbled something about me not taking a joke. Maybe. Maybe not. I won the game of pool and took off shortly afterward.

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  1. I like that you stayed to school him at pool before you left.


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