Birthday Rift

Story Sent in by William:

I sat down to dinner with Melody and she handed me an envelope. I opened it up and pulled out... a birthday card. An Amazon gift card was tucked within.

I said, "Thanks... but it's not my birthday. Unless you mean to be four months early."

She turned slightly red. "It's not your birthday?"

I handed the card back to her. "Nope."

She looked at the card then back at me. Then back at the card, then back at me. And one more time she looked at the card and back at me.

She jolted up so quickly that I thought she was going to attack. She said, "I'm so sorry. I'm supposed to be at another date." She waited for me to say something in response (maybe to accept her apology?) but after a few moments of awkward silence, she left.

I guess that wires cross in such a way sometimes, so I was receptive when she emailed me a little while later to apologize again and offer to take me out to dinner the next week. We picked a different place and were all set to go.

The day of our make-up date arrived. I made it to the restaurant, sat down, and waited and waited for her. She never showed up. Probably had yet another date scheduled for that night. Only this time, I never heard from her again.


  1. Way to miss out on an Amazon gift card, AND a birthday beej...

  2. The OP was so willing to be abused, it sucks that this story didn't get to sex-in-trash-bed levels.

  3. PS Jared, I can't believe that all the Victims are uniformly good writers. Please print some stories in their original form.

    1. Hi Dave! Many are. Most aren't. But if I posted every story in its original, unedited form, there'd be typos, far more grammatical errors, and giant paragraph chunks to such an extent that within a day, you'd ask me to change it back. So rather than put us both through that considerable emotional anguish, here we stand.

    2. You are a mensch! Happy Festivus!


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