Taste it Again for the Last Time

Story Sent in by Elma:

After a light lunch with Robert we took a walk around a nearby lake. It was a chilly day but nice enough for a little stroll.

As we made our way around the lake, Robert emitted the loudest, juiciest belch I've ever heard. It was horrifying, like the belch of a dozen people all at once coming out of one guy's mouth. Robert then coughed and stopped walking. I asked him if he was all right.

He said, "Yeah. Some lunch came back up, but it's back down. You know that hot, stomach acidy taste?"

Ick. I knew it.

He went on, "So I'm a little burning right now. And I was gonna ask you for a kiss, too."

It was our first date, I wasn't too sure about him before, and after his gaseous explosion I definitely wasn't going to let him press his mouth to mine.

"Maybe now's not the best time," I suggested sweetly.

He said, "Yeah..." and then he went for a kiss.

I moved away and he said, "I thought you were okay with a kiss."

I reminded him, "No. I said that maybe now wasn't the best time. Remember?"

He said, "You did say that. Okay. Too bad."

After walking for a couple minutes more he said, "So I'm just gonna go. That cool?"

It sure was. He gave me an unexpectedly big hug goodbye, told me to call him, and left me lakeside. I never called him.

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