Snow Job

Story Sent in by Paula:

The dead of winter was when I went on my only date with Alfred. He promised to take me sledding and then to a place that had amazing hot cocoa. We met up at a local park that had a great hill that sloped down to a field surrounded by trees.

He drove his car off the parking lot and nearly to the top of the snow-covered rise. We looked down the hill and I asked him, "Where's your sled?"

He said, "It's the car. We'll just go down in it."

I was astonished. I asked him, "You want to drive down the hill in your car? It'll crash into the trees!"

He said, "No, it won't. We'll blast the heat and be warm while we sled. Come on."

The hill was pretty steep and I was almost positive that if he lost control of the car, it would not only slide and skid - it might flip. I told him, "I really don't feel comfortable doing this."

He didn't say a word but he jumped into his car and drove it toward the edge.

The few sledders around us backed away. "What the hell is he doing?" a guy with a little kid said.

Alfred let off the gas and the car eased down the hill. Of course, he lost control and it spun around a few times (although it didn't flip), skidded across the field, and stopped just short of the trees.

As the other people and I watched, Alfred drove off the field, between the trees, onto a sidewalk, and onto the road. He then drove away and he never came back.

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