It Is Decided: I'm Lame

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Story Sent in by Josh:

In the first part of my date with Tamika she passed me a sealed note across the restaurant table. When I went to open it she said, "No! Open it after we say goodbye, tonight."

I had no idea what might have been written in it, but I admired her playfulness and so I pocketed it and resolved to open it in accordance with her wishes. The rest of dinner went really well and I think we both had a blast.

After dinner we went on a walk, sat down on a bench, and she leaned in to kiss me. I was surprised that she'd initiate, but I wasn't complaining. It was nice and I'm glad that she felt a strong connection to me in so short a time.

Soon afterward we both agreed that we wanted to meet up again and I walked her back to her car. She gave me a brief kiss goodnight and went on her way. I was feeling pretty good.

Shortly thereafter I opened her note. It was blank. Both sides. I held it up to the light and turned it around several times, but there was no doubt that all she had handed me was a blank sheet of paper. Maybe she had given me the wrong paper by accident? I had no idea what it meant.

The next day she emailed me to ask if I had read the note. I wrote back to tell her that it was blank and that perhaps she had accidentally given me the wrong paper.

She wrote back, "Blank? I see. Then it is decided."

That was all she wrote. I replied, "What's decided? I don't understand."

She didn't respond. I wrote her one more email and texted her a brief message. But I never heard from her again.


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