Bearing All

Story Sent in by Lawrence:

When I was out to dinner on my first date with Julia, the waitress came by to check on us as we ate: "You guys all set?"

Julia said, "Do you guys have teddy bears?"

That came out of nowhere. The waitress said, "What?"

Julia said, "I came here when I was little and you guys had teddy bears."

The waitress said, "We opened up three years ago. Maybe it was a place that was here a while ago?"

Julia said, "It was you. Where are the teddy bears?"

"We don't have teddy bears here. Sorry."

"Can I see your manager, please?"

The manager came over shortly thereafter. Julia repeated her question about the whereabouts of these mysterious teddy bears. The manager repeated the waitress's assertion that there weren't ever any teddy bears at that restaurant. Julia became testy and insisted that there were. The manager apologized and went on her way.

Julia abruptly stood and left the table. She walked up and down the restaurant, looking everywhere for what I guessed were hidden teddy bears.

When her search proved fruitless she returned to the table and said, "We never should've come here. I only agreed to come because of the teddy bears."

I asked, "And to spend time with me, right?"

She said, "It was really for the teddy bears. This place changed and now they're all lying to me." She then screamed, "Lying to me!" again.

Heads turned to us and I silently wished that I could be anywhere else. Luckily, my wish came true as the waitress hurried over with our check in less than a minute. I made sure that Julia and I split it, and we went our separate ways.

I did some Internet research about the restaurant and checked to see if anyplace at that address had ever been a restaurant with teddy bears. But I didn't find anything.


  1. What a weird thing to get pissed off about.

  2. Very odd. She probably meant Shoney's, though.

  3. A bad case of emotional infancy. This is what happens when your prescription for Vitamin B-Mature runs out.


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