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I am an attorney. Studied track and field in college. I was not blamed. Make dry arrangements in my spare time. Saved sleeping animals but once I discovered they were roadkill. That was a dirty day. Please don't take out your phone on our date. It is so rude. Unless you have an outlet for a face? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Faces are kind of funny when you think about them. Why do we have two nostrils? To be outlets? Sorry. Old lawyer joke. I am not taking any new clients but maybe you can think about that. One time I had a doctor as a client and it went well. Sometimes I have doctors who do not go so well. Just goes to show you that you can be smart and handsome and clever and still not do it for me. You know I like Polish therapists. Sounds weird but I have two of them as clients and they are the sweetest. Wonder if they make the best roadkills?

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  1. Friends don't let friends drink and write profiles.


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