When "No" Is Just Too Brief

(What did screenwriter Aaron Sorkin say in NY last weekend at the Steve Jobs screening? Click here to find out on this week's Jared's Inkwell! -JMG)

Email Sent in by Harry:

Great to see you too!!! We should hang out more often. I can't this week because it's report season at work (when we have to report to our supervisors) and so everything has to be in order for that. The week after than and the week after that is also the same. That leaves a few weeks out and now it is too soon to predict. There are some old friends who are coming to town (from California) and these friends (from California) will probably take up most of my time and I think they will be in then. Sorry......

Then there is the season of magpies that comes after that. I will be out! So many things to do in town and out of it that I just don't have the time to even list them here. Maybe you can join my trips to the city from afar........

Next year I plan to go to grad school in two places. Perhaps I will start a blog and you can read about my many tribulations in the classroom. I promise I will update as often as I can but with so much work it will be impossible to predict that much less see you.......

Finally they have legalized new communications laws (in California) that will prevent me from seeing you ever again beyond all of these predicted times and into the future! Perhaps you will read about me in a textbook someday......!

- Tamara


  1. Well, I suppose that's one way to tell a guy you don't want to see him again.

    Mostly it just made her sound like a douche.

  2. Ouch, OP sounds like he might need some aloe for that sick burn.

  3. Ouch, OP sounds like he might need some aloe for that sick burn.

  4. With a send-off like that, we can guess what actually dating Tamara would have been like.


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