The Music of the Fight

Story Sent in by Thomas:

While browsing an online local music forum I struck up a conversation with Allene. We traded some tracks and I dug what she sent so I thought it would be cool to take her out to a concert playing a little way out of town. We had both heard of the band and liked their stuff. Why not, right?

The parking situation was a big field next to a little theater and it was packed. It was a good scene and there was plenty to drink. That was the good part. Allene wasn't very polite, though. She never thanked me for the drinks I bought her or for the ticket I had paid for her. Just took me by surprise was all. Like I said, though, the scene was good and everyone was there to party and the music was sharp.

After the last song we went back to the parking lot. Allene and I had driven there separately but I thought it would be nice to walk her back to her car, wherever it was. Was it up this aisle? No. Maybe over here? No. Over there? Nope. Where's your car, Allene?

"I swear I parked right around here," she said, becoming more and more frantic. People were pulling out of their spots all around us so I thought it would be only a matter of time before she found it. But it was still crowded and loud and she was becoming more and more upset.

"Where is it? Where is it?" she repeated, running her hands through her hair again and again. She asked me, "Do you know where it is?"

I knew she had a white Honda but otherwise her guess was as good as mine. But her brain sure wasn't. After a few more minutes she muttered things like, "You know where it is. You know. You're just not telling me. Where is it? Why won't you tell me?"

"Are you talking to me?" I had to ask.

That was all the flint and tinder she needed to blaze up. She said, "Where is my car? You knew I'd be coming here tonight. What did you do with it?"

"Nothing. There won't be too many cars left in the lot, soon. You're bound to find it."

"No! You told someone I'd be here and they took it! You must have! Why didn't I see this coming? Oh my God. You give it back right now or I'm calling the cops."

I said, "Go ahead and call the cops. I had nothing to do with your car disappearing."

She called me a few choice words, took out her phone, and stormed back toward the theater. I went to my car and drove off, noting that there were at least two cars that matched her description still in the lot. Never heard from her again (or the cops).

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  1. You should have stayed there and waited for the cops with her. They would trade eye rolls with you when they realized she's crazy.


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