Needs More Pond

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Story Sent in by Sally:

After an awkward dinner in which Marc discussed why he preferred women in skirts to pants, he took me out for shakes at a great little neighborhood place. We sat down next to a pond as we drank. There wasn't a lot of talking.

Then Marc said, "Want to try mine?"

I said, "Sure. Let's switch," and we did.

His tasted good. It's pretty hard to mess up a shake.

He took a sip of mine, which was a little more than halfway done, and he said, "Eww!" and threw it into the pond. Then he turned to me and asked, "Can I have mine back? I need to wash the taste out of my mouth."

For the record, my shake was coffee/rocky road. It was delicious. Marc was an idiot.

"That was my shake," I reminded him.

"Yeah, and you should thank me. It tasted awful."

"Um... it doesn't matter. You just threw my shake into the pond."

"Yes. I was here for that, remember? And you should be thanking me."

I said, "How about if I just go?" and stood up.

"Okay. Go," he said. I did. He called after me, "I'll expect your thanks via email. That is, if you want a second date."

Didn't happen.


  1. So did you give back Marcs shake cause that is very important to the story.

  2. I hope she kept the shake.

  3. OP missed out. Marc had great post-shake plans

    Maybe it's your issue. Perhaps you should have known how he rolls.

    Since you already knew you weren't into him, maybe sharing your coffee shake was the real mistake.

  4. Her milkshake brought the boy to the pond, but couldn't keep him there.

  5. OP, You were clearly disinterested in him because he was awkward and talked about his preference for women. I think he sensed you were uninterested, and he was mad you accepted a milkshake knowing very well you weren't going to talk to him after the date. Since he was awkward, he lacked the confidence to bring to your attention he caught your disinterest. He probably threw it into the ocean out of frustration because he felt used.


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