A Little Caffeinated

Email Sent in by William:

(William says, "I received this after I wrote her a typical hello message. Wasn't expecting this.")


IF YOU WANT TA DATE ME BABY THEN YOU NEED A LOT OF MONAAAAAY. OH MAN! I am just kidding! You do not need lots of money to date me but I do like being treated like a woman. So what will our first dtae be? THere are lots of places around here where we can go that have nice dinners AND MORE! OH! OH OH OH! There is a ice cream shoppe not far from here that makes all its own ice cream and you know what? WE SHOULD GOOOOOOO.

A little caffeinated right now. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Where will you take me to DINNER AND MORE? I want ICE cream. Maybe once we do that we can try lots of different flavors. Are you cool with sharing spoons. I can bring my own if you are not butt. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE I said butt. I hope you don't die before you respond but if you do GIVE ME YOUR MONNAAAAAAAAAY!!!




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