Some Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Story Sent in by Shelby:

There was a street fair in a nearby town and that's where I took Valerie for our first date. As we walked amidst the merchant stalls she told me, "This is my first date in over three years."

I told her that I hoped she was having a good time. What else is someone supposed to say to that? She didn't respond at once but when she did she said, "This will probably be my last date for another three years."

"Why do you say that?"

"You probably won't like me."

I said, "I'm having a nice time so far."

She sighed, "But you'll find something you don't like about me and then yell and scream at me for it and get abusive and then leave me. It's happened to me a dozen times."

I said, "If you're so sure of how things will turn out, why did you agree to come out with me today?"

She said, "I won't turn down a free lunch."


When lunchtime came, we went to a food truck and I ordered a plate for myself. Valerie ordered as well and when the guy rang us up she didn't even offer to pay for herself.

I asked her, "You have the cash for yours?"

She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Um... uh... okay. I wasn't really expecting... um... uh... er... hmm... I..." She glanced into her purse for a second. "I don't have cash."

I said to the food truck guy, "We can only afford mine. Sorry about that."

He gave me a dirty look and I honestly felt bad for him. But it wasn't my fault that Valerie was a moocher. I purchased my lunch and Valerie wound up with nothing. I sat down at a nearby picnic table and ate right in front of her.

"Sure wish I had some lunch," she said.

I offered her a baby carrot that came with my meal. She ate it and said, "At least you gave me something."

I didn't respond and a moment later she said, "Punishing someone by denying them food is pretty abusive."

I ignored her, finished my meal, and excused myself to go find a porta-potty. Wouldn't you know it, I forgot to ever return to her.


  1. Wow, this girl was a major downer. I could think of lots of other things I would rather do than continue to be on a date with her. Glad you ditched her OP.

  2. The girl was damaged but I think OP acted like a classless jerk. Eating in front of her and then ditching her was uncalled for.

    1. I disagree completely. If she had the gall to tell him she was just there for a free meal, then she got exactly what she deserved. I'd be damned if I would have even given her the carrot.

  3. You should of said goodbye earlier to this lovely women and had a better day.

  4. The girl in question definitely sounds like a downer and a mooch, but the O.P. comes across as a straight asshole here:

    Should have told her before she ordered that he wasn't paying - as in, he should have said this as soon as she mentioned "free lunch." By not doing so you were rude to her AND to the food truck guy (whether she was rude first is irrelevant - you sank to her level for sure, if not, esp. when you ate in front of her, below it).

    Also, you should not have said you were using the bathroom and then just left - grow a pair, dude, and just say you're leaving.

    Mario put it well: O.P. is a "classless jerk" regardless of the fact that Val seemed a drag.

  5. I'm on team "both people were awful". I would have supported the guy if he had just politely ended the date when she said the free lunch line, but acting like he did just brought him down to her level. To both of you: it's a food trunk lunch. It's neither worth prostituting yourself for nor worth being a passive aggressive dick over.

  6. I have to agree that they were both assholes. He honestly should have just told her, "I dont like being used for free food, so I won't buy your lunch."

    I would complain about people refusing to be upfront when othera are being douchey, but Im honestly such a chickenshit I'd have silently fumed and bitched to my friend later, so i have no room to talk.

  7. Wow, OP. This woman was obviously insecure. Even the free food comment sounded like a defense mechanism. Treating her like crap in return was classless and cruel. Pay the $10 for her meal, wrap up the date and then don't ask her out again. That's what a decent person would do.

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  9. Another one for the "OP was a classless jerk" camp.

  10. I was siding with the OP until he ditched her. They'd gone out of town for this street fair. She was left with no way to get home. Yes, she was insecure and damaged from previous relationships. That doesn't give you the right to leave her stranded.

    1. While it does say he took her there, I'm thinking they may have come in separate cars.


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