Rethink That Open Door Policy

Story Sent in by Steven:

In college I met Rosie at a party. We hit it off and talked for a couple of hours while everyone around us was drinking and beer-luging. She gave me her number and a couple of days later I called her to make plans.

She sounded really excited about it. We arranged a date for dinner and an evening walk through a local botanical garden. She asked me to pick her up at her dorm. She'd leave my name at the security desk in the lobby and I could come right up and let myself into her suite's common area. Room 505.

Once past security I took the elevator to the fifth floor and let myself into 505. The door opened into the common area and sitting on a couch watching TV was a beautiful, dark-haired girl I had never seen before. She was also wearing only a white bra and purple underwear.

She took a moment to register that I was there and when she did she screamed. I said, "Sorry! Sorry!" and backed out into the hall, shutting the door behind myself. She locked it a moment later.

I called through the closed door, "Rosie asked me to come right in. I'll wait out here."

There was no response and Rosie didn't appear by 10 minutes later. I called her and she didn't pick up. I texted, "I just had an accidental encounter with one of your roommates. I'll meet you downstairs," and went back to the lobby.

Not long after I made it there, Rosie texted, "U want to sleep with her."

It was written as a statement, not a question. I replied, "No. I want to take you out tonight. Are we still on?"

She wrote back, "No."

I replied, "Why not? You told me to let myself into your room. I had no idea anyone would be sitting there while undressed."

She never replied. I went home, probably had a glorious wet dream about her roommate, and never heard from Rosie again.


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