Slow Zap

Email Sent in by Pearl:


We both know why we are on this site and it isn't to read idiotic profiles. Its to look at each other and decide for a quick screw. So I'll make it easy for you: I am the best lay you will ever, ever have. I never go limp. I never go flaccid. I have been long and hard hard for four long hard weeks. I am like a building electric current and the only thing that can ground me is you. I am a lightning rod of intense feeling. Will you be there to be jolted. WARNING: most women fly off the dick when first inserted. No fear to just try again! Do not forget the mind is the biggest biggest indigeonus zone.



  1. Oh boy how attractive to picture the several species of small animals crawling about inside and on top of his environment !

  2. Vocabulary can be very important. Also, as to the whole dick thing, maybe he just had too much gluten?

  3. Yes, but what's the second biggest indigenous zone?


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