Party Far

Story Sent in by Ava:

After dinner with Will, he asked if I wanted to go to a party at a nearby friend's house. It was still early and so I climbed into my car and followed him.

He drove through town then pulled onto the interstate. I followed him past an exit, then two, then 10.

After a little over 20 miles I called him to ask, "Where is this place?"

"Not much longer," he said, "Five miles, tops."

Ten miles later, we were still on the highway. I waited another couple of minutes before I called him again. It went to voicemail. I tried him twice more and he didn't pick up, despite still being on the road right in front of me.

I texted, "Seriously - how much further?"

He texted back, "Sorry am on phone. Five miles maybe?"

I followed him a little while longer and then I called him again. He picked up. "We're almost there. I don't know what else to tell you."

"We've been driving for almost 40 miles. Where are we going?"

He hung up. I turned off the next exit and made for home.

Nearly two hours later, he texted, "Where'd you wind up? We're having a great time." He also texted me a blurry photo of what looked like Christmas lights.

I replied, "I found another party. Only 50 miles further away. You should come."

He didn't respond.


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