It Was 6,000 Pages of MAILER-DAEMON

Story Sent in by John:

I found Elenora on a dating site and we sent emails to each other for a good month before we finally went out on a date. At the dinner table, she handed me a bound set of papers complete with a shiny cover and professional binding.

I opened up the booklet and found that she had collected all of our emails together within, arranged in chronological order.

She asked, "You like it?"

I said, "I... yeah! A book of all our emails. Wow. Thanks."

She asked, "What did you get for me?"

I said, "I... uh... I was going to pay for dinner."

She asked, "That's it? I mean, I don't want to sound rude but you didn't get me anything personal?"

I said, "This date is pretty personal. What else would you have wanted?"

She said like I was a moron, "Something personal. Nice. Like this book of our emails that I made you. What kind of person shows up empty-handed? Clearly you just don't care."

I snapped, "I'll give you a nice sticker book, some crayons, and some glitter the next time I see you. Will that work?"

She gave up on pressing the issue. For my part, I enjoyed the food and paid for our meals. She didn't even thank me, but she did take that stupid email book back as we departed.


  1. Geez OP, sounds like you found a real winner there. She was probably your number one fan and everything. I can just imagine you two relaxing in bed together. She would have loved you forever.

  2. I'm surprised she didn't get excited at the thought of getting a free gift of stickers, crayons and glitter. She seems like the type of gal that would like that kind of stuff seeing as how she made you a weird book full of your emails.

  3. Awfully ballsy of your date, demanding presents on a first date.


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