He Probably Even Reads This Blog

Story Sent in by Juliet:

At dinner with Joe, he sometimes ended his sentences with, "But I need to be careful about what I say."

I thought he was just afraid that he'd be overstepping some conversational bounds on a first date, but once he said, "I had a music scholarship my senior year, but I shouldn't reveal too much," I had to ask, "Why do you need to be careful or shouldn't you 'reveal too much'? Nothing you're saying is raising any red flags."

He replied, "Are you a conservative or a super-conservative?"

I said, "Neither. I'm a centrist, I suppose."

He said, "Then you should know that Obama is listening to everything we say," and he said louder (to make sure Obama would hear?), "And I know it!"

"Obama is listening to us talk about college and your music scholarship?"

He nodded and said, "In case it's code for a Russian attack or something. And I'm not even Russian!"

I evaluated my options and ultimately decided to placate him. "Wow. I guess we should be careful with what we talk about."

He said, "Now you're catching on. I can't wait 'til his last day in office." Then he added, "But I need to be careful about saying that."

We avoided politics talk for the rest of dinner, and I thereafter avoided seeing him forever.


  1. Oh, you better watch out, you better not spy, you better not shout, I'm telling you why. The President is watching you!

  2. @ JMG - O definitely reads this blog. I'm sure Tourist of life can find a couple of his early date stories before he married Michelle.

  3. I don't think he should worry about the Prez listening in on his talks of music scholarships, just yet. I believe that the Prez hasn't had the time in office to personally monitor the going ons of a college student. He is probably just now completing his personal audit on those in grade school.


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