Hang on to Your Honeypile

Email Sent in by Tamika:


I went 2 mcdonalds and ordered a best thing on the menu and they returned with u. How r u? We can get to know each other very beautiful woman. Took time to wright out my just for u. So saxy u. Wat u doin on a site like this? Most times i just look for pussie (yum yum!) but not in ur case sugar sugar. I just wanna bite u...... just waaaanna..... all night looooooooog... see? I made up a song for u. U and ur yum yum pussie. U ready for me now? Im biiiiiig money. I take u out once and ur honeypile will just drop to the floor!

"I life my lamp beside the golden door!" - lazarus HIMSELF

Peace And Love,


  1. I think when your "honeypile" drops, it's called a prolapsed uterus. Not sexy.

    Also, this person should be sterilized so he can never breed. Although, I'm sure we are far too late to prevent that.

  2. McDonald's? Is that the best he could come up with?!?


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