Flight of the Living Dead

Story Sent in by Angela:

Davis was a flying enthusiast who logged in flight time at a local community airport. After a couple of good dates, he offered to take me up in the air. I was nervous about it, but he finally sold me on the idea.

While we were in flight, my fears had begun to disappear when he suddenly banked hard to the left and yelled, "Oh my God! What did you do? We're gonna crash!"

Something beeped and something else flashed. I felt faint. I couldn't even scream. I felt extreme nausea and started to cry.

Then Davis leveled it out, and the beeping stopped along with whatever it was that was flashing. He laughed and said, "Ha ha! You should've seen your face! What an idiot!"

I remained silent for the rest of the flight. Most of the time was spent keeping down the vomit. He said things like, "I was just kidding. Come on. Are you just going to be quiet the whole time?"

I didn't respond. Once we were on the ground and stepped off the plane, he began, "Look, I'm sorry—"

I slapped him full in the face, backhanded him, and then kicked at him.

"What's your problem?!" he yelled.

I then hurried to the airport administration office and reported what he did. I'm not sure if they did anything about it, but I'm glad I said something. Thankfully, he never tried to reach out to me again. He would've had more than a slap or two to worry about.


  1. Perfect response! Way to go OP!

    Your date was probably hoping for a little in-flight service. What an air head.

    1. I was with her right until she hit him. I'm glad she reported him, but violence is not acceptable.


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