Don't Think His Tractor's Sexy

Story Sent in by Bev:

I live in a suburban area midway between a small city and a sprawl of farms. So when a local guy would message me, it would always be a crapshoot regarding which area he called home. Willie was the first guy to write me in a while and we struck up a conversation online. Finally the time came for our first date. He offered to pick me up at my house.

When the time came to pick me up, Willie pulled up in a tractor. He was in faded jeans and a denim jacket. "Hop on," he said.

I asked, "Where?" as his vehicle only appeared to have one seat.

"Just hang onto the back!" he said.

I was in a nice long dress, but I climbed on and asked him, "How far are we going?"

He said, "Not far."

The only "not far" place in that area to take anyone within tractor-driving distance was a general store with a deli and a couple of tables. And after a terrifying ride, that's exactly where he took me. He talked about his tractor the entire time he wolfed down his sandwich.

Once he was done, he asked me if I wanted to drive into the city with him on his tractor. I declined and he said, "Then is it okay if we split this? I don't want to waste either of our times."

In an effort to be rid of him I split it and then I called my father to come pick me up. Willie drove off in his tractor and I didn't go out with him again.

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  1. This was all a test OP. If you had been ok with the tractor he picked you up on, then he might have let you ride "Big Sexy".


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