Why Non-Americans Don't Like Americans

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About Me

Let's be frank. YOu've already decided whether or not to message me based on my photos. So here's something about me. I am _______ (fill in the blank). I am a ______ ______ who's also a _______. I'm probably the only _______ you'll ever meet who's a ________ _______ but I'm also ________ where it counts. There. How was that?

Seriously kids I'm a happy gerdener who will stand up for what she believes in. I am pro abortion pro peace and pro America being the best country in the world!!! Go Americans anywhere and everyone. When you are away from our country on foreign shores then what unites us? Americans! Who else speaks your language and will care for you so far from home? I have Americans in foreign lands who are the best!!! Never forget my SWEETIES or my HUNNIES! MWAH! LOVE YOU ALL@@@


  1. Did she give this site its first mad libs game?

  2. "I am pro abortion" After spending so much time on this site, I am as well. America needs more abortions.


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