The Orchid Grief

Story Sent in by Roy:

There was a certain independent bookstore that I really liked and when I mentioned it to Ann in our introductory messages she said she loved it, too. So that was where we wound up after lunch on our first date.

I gravitated toward the gardening books and she went for fantasy. After browsing for a bit she came up to me as I read a coffee table horticultural tome and asked, "What are you reading?"

I told her, "I'm reading about orchids," and I showed her a photo in the book of a beautiful lady slipper orchid.

Then something queer took place. She stared at the photo, broke into what looked like a rather soaking sweat, and trembled. I thought she was having a panic attack. I closed the book and said, "You okay?"

She yelled, "Stay away from me, orchid-man! The dead linger here!" and ran out of the store.

I ran after her then stopped when I realized that a guy chasing a woman down a sidewalk would never really look that great for the guy. I stuck around the bookstore for a little while longer then went home.


  1. I think she might have been shocked by that Georgia O'Keeffe montage that you were looking at. Which means the "dead linger" crack could have been a shot about your erectile dysfunction. But sometimes a flower is just a flower and a nut is just a nut.

  2. fun fact: the word orchid comes from the greek word for testicles


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