Dance Like a Lesbian

Story Sent in by Anna:

I don't much like dancing, but when William told me he was going to take me out to a dance club on our first date, I figured I could swallow my pride and give it a try.

When we arrived, there were lots of other people in attendance. Most of them were women. William's attention immediately fastened onto another girl.

He said, "Oh my god. It's Kelly. I have to dance with her."

He took a couple steps toward her and I asked him, "What about me?"

He said, "Just dance with another girl. Like a lesbian," and he continued on. I went to the drink table, had a cup of iced tea, and left.

Three hours later, I was watching TV at home when he texted, "Where'd you go? I thought we were on a date."

I wrote back, "I found a nice girl to go home with. Like a lesbian."

He didn't reply. Thank goodness.


  1. I would've left immediately, on the spot, no ice tea and no questions :)

  2. Good response! I loved this story.


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