Short and Stout, Thrown Right Out

Story Sent in by Stephanie:

Ray invited me to his apartment for our second date. He made me dinner and afterward he put some tea on the burner. While we waited for it to boil he popped in a movie.

A couple of minutes later he excused himself to use his bathroom. While he was gone, his teapot whistled. I went into the kitchen, turned off the range, and poured us some tea.

He emerged from the bathroom and found me in the kitchen. He asked, "What are you doing?"

I said, "Pouring us tea."

He said, "I told you I'd do it."

I said, "It was whistling while you were in the bathroom. It's okay. We're all set."

He then grabbed the teapot and threw it out his window. As in through the actual glass to the parking lot below. I screamed. He sat down with his tea like nothing at all was wrong. He didn't even react.

I grabbed my stuff and ran out as if he was a psycho killer. I don't know if anyone heard the commotion and called the police or anything. I just wanted out.

The next day, he actually wrote me an email to tell me he had a good time with me and wanted to hang out again. I deleted it and never replied.


  1. He was pissed because you messed up his plan to slip you a ruffy.


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