Email Sent in by Dalia:


You know me not. But you will soon. I am the man who will fight for your health noun. If you get that reference you earn bonus points.

I am three men in one. One man is a crowd pleaser. A future. A space cowboy. Bonus points for that reference!

It is hard to contemplate how someone like you can be single. But maybe we can sit a spell (or STAY a spell) if you want to maybe sometime. Get that reference? MORE bonus points.

Kid you earn all my bonus points you glom a record! Contact me immediately if you do.



  1. ^ Nice!

    Wow, when you point out that something is a reference, it becomes the opposite of funny.

  2. Some people got it.

    Seriously though, all my bonus points to anyone who can actually pinpoint his references.

  3. The first one was Mad Libs, second one is a song reference to The Joker by the Steve Miller Band, and the third could really be anything. Sling Blade maybe?


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