Friday the 13th

Story Sent in by Joseph:

I asked Jasmine out for a first date on a Friday. She said it was cool and we seemed to be all set. That was until she called me the day before:

"Hey. Friday is a 13th, yeah?"

I checked the calendar. "Yes. Is that okay?"

She asked, "Do you think it's a good idea to go out on a Friday the 13th?"

I replied, "About as good an idea as it is to go out on a Friday the 12th or a Monday the 22nd. I don't see how it matters."

"You've never heard of Friday the 13th?" she asked.

I said, "I've heard of it, but it doesn't really mean anything. Like black cats or walking under ladders."

She asked, "You don't have a black cat, do you?"


"Good. Anyway, can we reschedule? I'd feel more comfortable."

I asked, "Okay. When would you like to reschedule?"

She said, "How about the 20th? Next Friday?"

I replied, "Friday the 20th? Ooh. That's bad luck. Won't work for me."

She paused then asked, "Friday the 20th isn't bad luck."

I said, "Well it is for me. Maybe some other time?"

"How about that Saturday? The 21st?"

"Let me see... no. Bad luck again. The 21st. You know."

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Hang on," I said, "Let me ask my black cat what day will work best. He talks to me sometimes when I speak to him in Enochian."

She hung up at that. I'd have called her back to tell her I was joking, but I haven't made it around to that yet.


  1. Wow OP, you kind of come off like a douche bag here. She did honestly want to reschedule and you kept jerking her around. I tend to think of the 13th as a lucky day myself but a lot of people are superstitious.

  2. OP is a douche. He had to act like a jerk right off the bat when he could have just said okay and rescheduled. She dodged a douche bullet.

  3. ^ I want to see a drawing of that.

  4. I agree with Archie and Jill. OP was being a jerk. So she wanted to re-schedule. What's the big deal?

  5. I disagree. As someone who grew up with people who used superstition and religion hand in hand to justify their personal prejudices, this would have been a very red flag for me. Add on black cats (which many non-white cultures actually consider to be lucky) and not walking under ladders (which is only a safety issue) that the person mentioned herself... Nope, definite deal-breaker. Who knows what other superstitious beliefs I'd be tied up in. Bullet dodged, OP.

    That said, the OP could have turned her down more maturely. Not everyone has the same sense of humor he does.

  6. ...My bad, the OP mentioned ladders, not the girl. My point still stands: Bullet dodged.

  7. i thought he was funny. well done. she probably wouldve brought a cross to ward you off.

  8. I agree with Sarah C. I have 2 black cats and I've actually had people tell me that if they had known the colour of my cats' fur beforehand, they never would have come to my house. If I was setting up a date with someone and they wouldn't come out just because it was Friday 13, no need to reschedule. I have enough information about them already.

  9. That's really sad, Connie. They just don't know what they're missing out on. :) I've never met anyone (to my knowledge) who believed in that kind of stuff, but it's crazy just knowing there are people out there who do. Yep, no need to reschedule.


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