Dental Damn

Story Sent in by Cynthia:

After Preston and I had finished dinner, he excused himself to use the restaurant bathroom. When he returned he said, "My teeth feel great," and then he reached into his coat pocket and handed me a brand-new toothbrush and a travel-sized toothpaste.

"What are these for?" I asked him.

"For your teeth!"

I said, "I gathered that, but why are you giving them to me?" Did I have bad breath?

He said, "Just thought you'd want to brush your teeth after the meal."

"Oh. I think I'll brush before bed, but thank you." I handed him back the dental supplies.

He asked, "Uh... you do want me to kiss you, right?"

It was a first date and he was nice. However, he was also a major dork and he was honestly expecting me to go and brush my teeth right there and then. To be honest, I wasn't too into him.

I said, "It's a first date. Let's not rush things."

He shrugged. "Keep them anyway. As a gift."

I put them into my purse. "Thanks."

As we were leaving, he said, "Last chance to go brush your teeth. I'll wait here for you. Promise."

"I'm really okay. But I promise that when I brush my teeth later, I'll think of you."

He said, "That wouldn't really satisfy me, would it?"

"I guess we're all a bit unsatisfied in life."

He wished me a quick goodnight and hurried on ahead to his car. I went home, brushed my teeth, and completely forgot about him.


  1. Maybe it was the salad you were eating that inspired his dental hygiene comment?

  2. Are hygiene-related gifts not standard fare for dates these days?

  3. I wound up with an extra toothbrush set in college and offered it to a poor choice, one groggy morning. He was so offended and accused me of having a supply stash for all the men I run through there. Ha ha. .what a concept though!


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