Story Sent in by Geneva:

I was on a walk with Bruce on our first date. He took my hand, which I felt was a bit forward. But he was otherwise nice and so I let things be.

After walking on for a bit without saying very much, he asked me, "Do you like balls on a guy?"

"Like... testicles?"

"Yeah. Are they like a favorite part of yours?"

"I... uh... it depends on the guy? I think?"

"Okay. How about mine?"

I took my hand away. "I haven't seen yours. And why are we talking about this now?"

He replied, "Because they're a natural part of attraction. They help to generate musk. They're why you took my hand, just now."

"You took my hand. And we're done talking about balls."

He went quiet after that for a bit like I had really insulted him. Then he said, "I think you just made mine pop."

"I hope not," I hurriedly said, then I told him that it was very nice to have met him but that I had a thing I had to go do. And so the date ended.


  1. "I think you just made mine pop."

    I think he was a little confused as to how blue balls are supposed to work.

  2. "They help to generate musk." Dude, you need to shower more.

  3. This guy learned sex ed from watching AXE commercials


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