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Story Sent in by Timothy:

It snowed really heavily on the weekend of my lunch date with Yvonne. Rather than let it stop us, I suggested we play in the snow for a little while on our way to lunch. The library near us had a big field out back and plenty of snow for everyone.

At first we had a really good time throwing snowballs, making snow angels, and attempting to build snowmen (poorly).

After a little while, she said she had to pee and she went inside the library. I continued work on a snowman.

She didn't return after a half-hour and so I went inside to look for her. I checked the unisex bathrooms and she wasn't there, so I called her phone. No answer. I walked around the library and searched for her.

I ultimately found her in a little nook on the third floor. It was one of the most hidden spots in the entire building. She was just sitting there, reading a book. I asked her why she didn't come back outside.

She said, "Sorry. I found a book I was looking for and lost track of time."

"While we're on a date?"

She looked at me like I was some sort of stupid stupid-head. She said, "Uh... yeah...? I like to read. Is that okay with you?"

We were supposed to grab lunch. I asked, "Do you still want to do lunch?"

She said, "I'm not hungry. I'm fine right here, okay?"

"Sure," I said, and I left her alone to go have lunch by myself. I never reached out to her again.

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  1. Probably better that way OP. Sometimes it's hard to compete with a "good" book.


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