Auto Body Experience

Story Sent in by Kristina:

I became acquainted with Gregory over a dating site. We had some great first emails and he asked me out to dinner on a Tuesday night.

In person he seemed really nervous and distracted. I asked him if he was okay.

He said that he was but that he couldn't remember how he had met me in the first place.

I reminded him that it was over Match.com. We had exchanged emails for about two weeks. "We did?" he asked, "Really?" He honestly didn't seem to recall how we had met.

Then he offered his own suggestion: "I think we met at an auto body shop. I was working on your car."

For reference, Gregory was a med student. I reminded him that we didn't meet at an auto shop. We had met on Match.com. We had exchanged emails. Still he clung to his story about meeting me at an auto shop while he was working on my car.

"Okay," I finally said, letting him indulge in his fantasy.

As dinner progressed, he came up with increasingly elaborate stories of the circumstances of our first meeting. "You needed a new alternator and an axle," he said, "And I helped you. How's your car running now?"

I told him it was running fine.

"That's good," he said, "You needed two axles. I remember." He said that if I ever needed to bring my car "into the shop" again, I could do it. Well, thanks. He said a few more things about how being a mechanic had made him a proud American and that he was thinking about opening up some auto shops in the Mideast.

I was just so proud of him that I never went out with him ever again, even after he asked me on a second date.


  1. So, the first thing....

    And the second thing.... (mainly directed at JMG for not fake naming her date Billy)

  2. I can see where that article is coming from, but it's pretty hard to think of yourself as "sexy" when you spend all day drawing toilets in bathrooms.

  3. Agree it was probably some blue collar fantasy he was acting out. And good call, Archie, with the Billy Joel. Alternatively, if you spent the 80s as a metal head you still could have been drawing toilets.

  4. I'm thinking he lied about being a med student, and was very clumsily trying to see how the OP would take the truth that he's a grease monkey at Jiffy Lube.

    And the answer for how she'd take it is "badly".

  5. Love all the comments, and especially love the title "Auto body experience" !!


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