Story Sent in by Steven:

I was over at Robyn's apartment watching a movie one night after we had been dating for a little while. It was the night of a snowstorm, so she invited me to stay over. We'd slept together once already although I'd never stayed overnight at her place. This particular time, I brought an overnight bag.

Since we had once shared a bed, I assumed I'd be sleeping in her bedroom that night. But she surprised me when she brought out linens and blankets for me to spend the night on her couch. I didn't make a big deal about it and I spread everything out for myself. She closed and locked the door to her bedroom before I could even say goodnight. Okay.

The next morning I woke up early to the smell of coffee. I opened my eyes to find Robyn walking around completely topless. "Good morning," I told her.

"Yaaaagh!" she yelped and covered her chest. "You need to leave. Now!"

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

In response, she opened one of her windows, grabbed my bag, and attempted to shove it outside.

"Hey!" I yelled, jumping up to stop her.

I grabbed my bag away but she held onto it with one hand while the other remained covering her boobs.

"Let go! It goes out the window!" she shouted.

I was stronger and won my bag back easily. Then I left as fast as I could, even though it meant braving the snow in just my pajamas.

I was hurt and confused, but she never called me to clarify her actions and I certainly wasn't going to call her for an explanation.


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