Story Sent in by Claudia:

James took me out to a ritzy restaurant. He ordered us a couple glasses of wine, and we toasted each other with the glass goblets.

Instead of just clinking the glasses together once, like a normal person, he toasted my goblet several times. On the last time, his glass cracked. After studying his glass for a few moments, he said, "If you still expect me to drink out of this, you have another thing coming."

I said, "I don't expect you to drink out of it at all. It's cracked!"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he asked, "It's a cracked glass! I'm not drinking out of it."

I said, "And I don't expect you to!"

"I don't believe this. You want me to drink broken glass! You do! This is just another passive-aggressive woman stunt. Tell you what: you do it. You drink out of it, first." He held the glass out to me.


"Then we have nothing further to discuss," he said, then shouted out loud, "Check please!"

I drank down my own wine (why wouldn't I?) and I left him at the table before he could even ask if I would help him pay.


  1. That guy seemed a bit crazy, I think we can all agree on that.

    But not throwing down a few bucks to cover the chugged the wine and bolting? Classy move OP.

  2. Not sure who is the worst date here.

  3. I always get the feeling on these stories where you can't tell who the worst date was, that the story teller isnt being very honest. The supposed bad date always seems to repeat things insanely. I think it says more about the op then the date. * rubs hands* "and now i am going to make my date look insane.. yes that is what i will do .. make it look like my date is the insane one.. yes yes that will do,, my date.. insane.. yes..date.. yes... insane...."

  4. Some people just don't know how to properly operate a wine glass.

    For example: This guy.

    See also: This video at about 1:22. (Or just watch the whole video - it's pretty funny, IMHO)

    @tiingy - yes that's true of a lot of stories posted here. Sadly very few ever get rebuttal posts so beyond skepticism we'll never know for sure.

  5. @ Tourist - "Mullet with headlights!" For the WIN! And now you've got us started on this. I'll see your Bonnie Tyler and raise you an A-Ha.


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