Draining Day

Story Sent in by Richard:

I spoke briefly online with Jean before our first date. We met in front of a local sporting goods store (local landmark). One of the first things she said to me?

"You don't look a thing like your pictures."

On the contrary, I look exactly like my pictures. They're all from within the past year. I asked her to illuminate for me what she felt was different.

She pulled out her phone and said, "I was kind of expecting you to look more like this."

When she showed me her phone, I saw that it bore a photo of a smiling Denzel Washington. All well and good, but Denzel Washington is an over-six-foot African-American while I'm 5'10" and white.

I asked, "You think I looked like Denzel in my online photos?"

She said, "Maybe it was the lighting, but yeah."

The lighting had nothing to do with it. I said, "Well, I don't look like Denzel. Still up for dinner?"

"Not really. Sorry. All this disappointment has just drained me."

"Are you really serious?"

"Yes. Sorry."

I was confused at first. Then I realized that she was clearly a few cards short of a full deck. So no big loss.


  1. I could see her confusion. Next time, only post photos with one person in them.

  2. I bet my neighbor heard me laughing when I clicked on that !!! Perfect, Architect.

  3. ^ Making your day makes my day!

  4. She ditched out on the date before it even had a chance to get started? I blame it on the drain.


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