Cereal Killer

(Happiest of new years to you from A Bad Case of the Dates! Those of you in committed relationships, good on you. Those of you not, keep going on bad dates. Thanks.)

Story Sent in by Marian:

I had spoken to Al for a couple of weeks online before meeting up in front of a neighborhood grocery store (his idea). I thought we were going to walk from there to a cafe or something.

Instead he led me inside to the cereal aisle and paced it up and down, trying to decide on a type of cereal to buy.

He held up a box of Cheerios. "How about these?"

I said, "Cheerios are good, but they're not my favorite. I like the Frosted Mini Wheats."

He said, "Only hos like Frosted Mini Wheats. You're not a ho, are you?"


He shook his head. "Nah, you are. You just said so. Too bad. Goodnight."

He carried his Cheerios out of the aisle and presumably to the checkout. I took off. I knew crazy when I saw it.


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