Better to Be Beard than Loved

Story Sent in by Elizabeth:

In all of Gus's profile photos he had a beard. It looked good and I told him so. After a week and a half we agreed to meet in real life at a lounge.

I nearly didn't recognize him when he introduced himself, as he had completely shaved off his beard. He looked really different. Still good, but it was just unexpected. He sat down and I remarked about it and asked him why he had shaved it off.

He said that he had an idea for something thoughtful and he produced a freezer bag. Within it were what could only be described as his beard trimmings. He held the bag in my direction. Parts of it were even smeared with a little shaving cream.

He said, "You said you really liked it, so I thought this would be something fun. Maybe even a little off-the-wall."

Yeah. A little. I told him that I preferred it on his face.

He shook the bag and replied that there was "plenty more where this came from."

I ended up politely declining his offer of beard. We ordered drinks and made hurried small talk. After the drink, I wished him goodnight and went straight home.


  1. Yeah, that is more than a little creepy. What if you had told him you liked his ears? Or his cat? My god, could you imagine Christmas?

  2. No secret santa for me, thank you very much.

  3. This story would've made sense if they'd been dating for two months.

  4. I've been with mine for 8 years. I don't want his beard in a baggie. Not now, not ever.

  5. Beards belong on faces. Guy is a citizen of Crazytown


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