A History of Violence

Story Sent in by Rob:

During dinner with Josie, she took a phone call. I was surprised that she answered, and I expected her to tell the caller than she couldn't talk because she was on a date.

Instead, she spoke for about five minutes to someone who I guessed was her friend. There didn't seem to be anything urgent at all. Quite the contrary. They talked about their parents and nail polish. I thought that she was being very rude.

Once the call was over she hung up and I said, "I'm sorry. Did our date interrupt your phone call?"

She took a chicken leg off her plate and threw it at me. It missed and landed on the floor. She then said, "I can talk to whoever I want to whenever I want to. Don't you be controlling."

"I'm not controlling, but you're pretty rude. And violent."

"Violent?" she repeated, "Violent? I'll show you violent!"

She stood up, grabbed the chicken leg off the floor, and threw it at me again at point-blank range. She actually missed again then stormed out.


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