But Stupidity Is Contagious

Story Sent in by Lucie:

Thomas asked me out to dinner at my favorite vegetarian restaurant, so I was already in a good mood when the date started.

Our food arrived and we talked about this and that. All of a sudden, I covered my mouth and sneezed violently.

I expected a "Bless you" out of Thomas, but instead he asked, "You're not sick, are you?"

I joked, "Yeah. I have ebola."

He gave me a terrified look, then jolted up from his seat, said, "I gotta go," and then left me there with his unfinished food.

I thought about texting him, "I was kidding, idiot," but figured that that should've been obvious. He didn't return and I was stuck paying for both of our meals. It was okay, as I ended up picking at what he had ordered. Still, what a humorless jerk.


  1. First, he was probably appalled that you covered your mouth and not your nose with this so-called violent sneeze, and then was horrified that you'd think ebola was joke-worthy. I'm currently in Fort Worth, Texas - and this is NOT a funny subject - and I would counter that you might possibly be the humorless jerk in this respect. Harsh, I may be - but - honestly!

  2. Not harsh at all. He should've called the NIH and demanded a quarantine on you, OP! Better yet, he should've shot you on the spot, then incinerated your body and sent the ashes into space. Some might say that's too much, but honestly.

  3. Was this before or after several people got in the news for breaking quarantine, some of whom later came down with the disease?

    The soup lady, the bowling doctor, the tantrum nurse, that nurse who flew twice while running a fever . . . Depending on your timing, OP, he may very well have been wise to run.

  4. Yeah, Ebola stopped being funny when it got to America. Don't get me wrong OP, it was funny as hell when it was only killing Africans and aid workers, but Americans? Honestly!

    On a side note, does anyone else get in the Walking Dead state of mind when people start talking about Ebola? Like "where is my crossbow cause these fuckers are everywhere?"

  5. @ JMG - I say we nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


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