Worst Base

Story Sent in by Alice:

Kyle took me out on a date to a local minor league ball game. It was fun, but every time any of the players did something of note, Kyle would say, "I can do that." For example, if a player hit a home run and the crowd cheered, he said, "I can hit a ball way farther." If an outfielder made an amazing catch, he'd say, "I could've caught that."

After the umpteenth time of hearing his nonsense, I turned to him and said, "So why don't you go and do all of these amazing things?"

He stood up and said, "I will." He left me sitting there. I was afraid he'd actually stride down the bleachers to the dugout and demand to be added to the roster.

He didn't do that, though. He returned a few minutes later with a baseball cap he had purchased at the concession stand. He pointed to it and said, "See?"

I asked, "See what?"

He said, "I told you I could do it!" and then he punched me in the arm.

Maybe he thought I was one of his buddies, but I wasn't having that. I excused myself to use the bathroom but I left without looking back. He never called me, so I guess he realized he deserved it.


  1. Punching you in the arm should have been his ticket to having his base balls knocked out of the park with a bat.

    Or....or, it was a promotion at the ball park! Act like a giant asshole and get a free hat!

  2. sadly l think l dated about four versions of this jerk..so many Guys can't stand it when someone can do more then them
    . l had a guy actually tell me he couldnt date me cause l had too many projects going on my house. l said 'but those are MY projects, l don't need or want help with them" he said "nope too many projects l don't want any part of it"


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