The Lone and Level Sands

Story Sent in by Earl:

Barbara was really excited about our first date. We were making an evening visit to a beach that according to her, she hadn't visited since she was very young.

When we arrived, she seemed instantly disappointed. "Where are the dunes? There were dunes here. I know. I saw them."

"When you were a kid?" I asked.

"Yeah. And the beach is so much smaller! They must have expanded the parking lot or something. It's not at all like it was..."

Barbara started to cry and moaned, "The dunes... the dunes... where, where are they?"

She sat down in the sand and was despondent for a while. Finally, when she seemed to be done, I helped her up.

Then, she screamed to the sky (and to anyone in earshot), "Where are my dunes?"

I had no idea who had made off with her dunes. But as soon as we made it back to that (purportedly expanded) parking lot, she slipped into her car and drove off, without even a goodbye.


  1. "And my Fremen! What happened to my Fremen?! How will the spice ever flow?!"

  2. You could ask the spice girls?

    The sleeper must awaken.

  3. ooh architect my mind went right there too.. maybe she went somewhere to have a sip of recycled pee and reflect?


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