Mess Hall

Story Sent in by Robert:

I had been dating Jean for a little while. I had already stayed over at her place once, and this incident occurred on her first night over at my apartment.

When I woke up after a fun night, I realized she wasn't in bed beside me. As I groggily woke, she entered the room wearing my robe and a big grin. She carried a plate of toast and eggs and a glass of orange juice.

"I made you breakfast!" she began.

I was excited, to be sure. But it only lasted for a moment because she stumbled. The plate and glass went flying and although neither of them broke (I have carpeting), their contents splashed everywhere.

I was ready to laugh about it. However, Jean looked mortified. She did some weird motion with her hands, as if she had stuck them together with a wad of gum and was desperately trying to tear them apart. She roared and split from the room.

Jumping from the bed, I hurried after her. But she hadn't just left the room: she had left my entire apartment. In my robe. I was wearing considerably less, so I wasn't about to run after her. I saw she had grabbed her purse and most of her clothes on the way out.

I called her and left a message, telling her that I wasn't upset at all. It was an accident. Please come back. We'll share a laugh over it. Maybe more. Whatever. Just come back.

Not only did she never come back, but I never heard from her again. Sad end to what otherwise seemed to be a blossoming relationship. And I want my robe back.


Relationships → Marriage → Kids? Is parenting a religion? Here's a neat article all about it!


  1. Poor thing! She was so embarrassed. This was a defining moment in this poor girl's life and it has ruined her. I know, because I saw her just last week in the supermarket.

  2. Hey, at least she's housebroken.

  3. Ha, yeah. OP is really upset. I mean, that robe really tied the whole room together.

    Also, the preferred nomenclature is Denim-American, please.


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