Don't Sweater

Story Sent in by Craig:

Elizabeth wore a very distinctive sweater on our lunch date. It was purple and blue and had a sort of fade to it. It looked handmade and it was very pretty.

I told her that I liked it and she said, "It's my boyfriend's. He's letting me borrow it."

"You have a boyfriend?" I asked.

Then she went quiet, almost as if she wasn't sure what to say next. After a few moments, she decided to say, "My boyfriend is the sweater. He turned into it."

"Oh," I replied, "So do you have a boyfriend or don't you?"

She said, "He is the sweater. I told you. A witch put a curse on him and now he's a sweater. I'm out dating because I don't know how to change him back and he'd want me to move on." She paused, then added, "Even though I'm wearing him."

"So you... don't have a boyfriend, then. I just want to be sure."

"He's the sweater!" she groaned, "I told you!"

I gave in. "Okay. So your sweater/boyfriend doesn't mind that you're out on a date with me?"

She said, "No. He's a sweater." Then after another hesitation, she said, "But maybe you're right. Maybe I'm moving on too soon."

The rest of lunch was a hasty affair. We ordered sandwiches, I rushed through mine, and bid her a cordial goodbye.

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