Run, Florist, Run

Story Sent in by Vicki:

Ralph gave me flowers on our first date. I was stunned, mostly because guys have almost never brought me flowers, much less on a very first time out together. I was very grateful.

We had a nice lunch. At the end of the date, Ralph held out his hand and I took it. He said, "No. The flowers."

I handed them to him, wondering what he was up to. As I did so, he looked overjoyed and said, "Flowers? For me? Thank you so much!"

He hugged them to himself and ran down the sidewalk and away from me without another word.

So I guess I only sort of got flowers on a first date.


  1. So, he didn't GIVE you flowers on your date, he just loaned them to you. What an odd fellow.

  2. I assume he had another date that night and didn't want to spring for 2 bouquets.

  3. This fellow is about as romantic as acne bacteria


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