Fastest Food

Story Sent in by John:

Lucille was just a couple of minutes late to our date, but she was very clearly in a hurry. "Sorry," she said, breezing into the restaurant and sitting down, "I overbooked myself for tonight."

She flipped through the menu at lightning speed. When the waitress came over to take our drink orders, Lucille asked me if I was ready to order my entree. I was. We ordered our drinks and food at the same time and Lucille also asked the waitress to bring the check with the food, as soon as possible.

"Why the hurry?" I asked.

Lucille didn't really answer so much as she did excuse herself to use the bathroom. She was gone for a while and the food arrived mere seconds before her return. She wolfed it down, chased it with her drink, put down what she owed on the check, said, "Sorry! Have a good night!" and left, all in about the amount of time it took you to read that.

I finished my food at my own pace, even though I felt like a tornado had just blown across the table. I didn't ask her out again, but as the dates would likely go so quickly, perhaps I've gone out with her five times since and not even known it.

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