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Story Sent in by Benjamin:

Suzanne called me shortly before our date to ask if we could meet an hour later. I told her that was okay. Still, I was miffed.

Twenty minutes later, she called me to ask where I was. I told her I was at home, but that I'd likely run an errand or two before we met up at the restaurant.

"Uh... I'm at the restaurant now," she said, "Earlier than I thought."

I told her, "You might have to wait a little bit. I was banking on you being the hour late that you said you'd be."

She groaned into the phone and said, "Just be here soon. I'm not gonna wait around forever."

I didn't hurry and I made it there around 25 minutes later. I sat across from her and she said, "What took you?"

I said, "I told you I was going to run an errand before coming here, since I was banking on having the extra time after you said you'd be an hour late."

She replied, "So you just went ahead and ran your stupid errand? Even though I told you I could make it here earlier? Are you serious?"

I said, "Yes. I'm not at your beck and call. Now, if we're done inconveniencing each other–"

"Inconveniencing? That's what I am to you? An inconvenience?"

"No," I said, "Look, we're both here. Let's just have dinner–"

"No," she said, taking on a nasty tone, "You made me wait. You inconvenienced me. I want an apology or I walk. Apologize."

I stared at her. "You mean it?" I asked.

"Yes. Apologize or date's over."

I sat back. "Okay. It's a deal. Bye."

She stared at me. "Are you serious? Are you really being really serious, right now? Really? Seriously? Really serious?"

I said, "Yep. Have a good night."

She gave me another stare, then stood up and said, "You have seriously inconvenienced me, tonight. Thanks a lot, dick."

It was a little awkward when I bumped into our waiter when I stood up to leave. "Date crash and burn," I told him. He wished me a good evening, and I made for home.


  1. How was she inconsiderate? She called to let him know she was running late. Inconsiderate would have been not to call. Then she called and told him she was no longer running late and he got all passive-aggressive, running errands to take up the hour just to "show her" . OP is an ass.

  2. Sounds like a lovely couple! I'd say they deserve each other, if things had worked out.

  3. The only problem from the date was the groaning and the 'be here soon' remark. If that actually happened - the OP's huge over reaction to someone putting their date back an hour makes me wonder about his credibility...

  4. Rarely do the OPs write the story and with their own words come off unintentionally sounding like the biggest jerk ever. You were annoyed she called to tell you she was running late? WTF is wrong with you?

  5. Whoa there Brad! You sound bitter, and unreflective. I can see how someone can not like the date but OP looks worse for two reasons. 1) I can definitely understand him being miffed if he were on his way or left waiting at the restaurant. I would be annoyed to. BUT she called enough ahead of time that he was STILL HOME. That just means leaving the house a little later, which is alot more convenient. 2) If he were in the middle of an errand, her annoyance would be entitle and his "beck and call" comment would make sense. After all, he shouldn't be expected to drop what he is doing and leave. BUT he was STILL HOME when she called, and he was originally going to skip his errand anyways. There was zero reason for him to do that errand other than bitter spite, which is why her reaction makes sense. It's like he missed the big picture. It's a date, not a war. She let him know she was going to be late, and then that she was actually able to make it earlier. Yes, her comment "Be here soon..." was tactless, but, given that he was home that whole time, he hardly seems inconvenienced.

  6. Hey Brad! Sorry for the late reply, I have better things to do than feed the trolls on the internet. Anyway, I had a second so thought I'd pop back. When you say "We don't need you as much as you think." I'm assuming you mean men don't need holier than thou, self-entitled bitches such as myself. I gotta be honest, being the matriarch of my own family I haven't had that particular form of insult in quite some time. I'm actually kinda flattered, Brad thinks I'm some young thing! tee hee!

    Also, is anyone else getting Katie Girl vibes from him? You know, how she thought everyone who read ABCoTD was a loser single person who couldn't get dates? Hey Brad, I have someone I can set you up with and I think you'll really hit it off. Don't forget to post back how things went, eh?


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