All's Smell that Ends Smell

Story Sent in by James:

The movie that Linda and I went out to see on our second date let out late and there wasn't much to do afterward aside from sit in my car in the parking lot and talk, as neither of us were particularly tired. In fact, it was her idea.

We weren't in my car for longer than a minute when she sniffed the air and said, "Why does it smell like perfume in here?"

It didn't smell like perfume at all. I said, "I don't smell it."

She said, "Oh, it smells like perfume. Who was in here?" she asked, looking around.

She then let herself out of my car and jumped into the back seat. "Smells like perfume back here, too."

I sniffed and sniffed. No perfume smell. Linda wasn't even wearing any, from what I could tell.

She jumped out of the car again, then stepped back a few feet. She said, "It smells like perfume out here, too."

Hoping she was right and not nuts, I joined her outside. It smelled like a parking lot. She said, "I didn't smell it until I went into your car. Now it's everywhere. How did you do that?"

As I didn't use any perfumey powers, we both just stood around and sniffed a bit longer and she said, "I'm going to go. Right now. Goodnight." She took off, back to her car. Hopefully it didn't also smell like phantom perfume.

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