Silent and Deadly

(Write even better. Eight story fixes on this week's Jared's Inkwell! -JMG)

Story Sent in by George:

Tammy farted while we were out to dinner together. I planned to pretend not to hear it, but she blew that idea out of the water when she said, "Oh, man. Did you hear that? Someone farted!"

I said, "I... I didn't hear it."

She either ignored me or sensed the lie in my voice. She said, "It wasn't me."

"Okay. I believe you."

"No. Really. It wasn't."

"I believe you. I didn't even hear it. Or smell it."

"IT WASN'T ME!" she shouted, loud enough for most other patrons to hear.

"Okay," I assured her. "It wasn't you."

A little while later, after our food was served, I let loose my own fart. It was definitely loud enough for Tammy to hear. I said, "Did you hear that? Someone farted. Again!"

She clearly read my mind. I was making fun of her. In retrospect it was immature. But based on the silent treatment she gave me for the rest of the meal, it was probably worth it.


  1. These people are simply disgusting, and it's putting me off eating near strangers anymore.


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